Friday, March 21, 2008

Wedding daze

Well, I know it has been a month, but I figured that no one really needed to be reading about such fabulously interesting topics as Auntie Mary's digestive problems (aka menu planning), paper (70gsm vs. 90gsm. discuss!) and spray tan (aka avoiding looking like a tangerine).

I'm currently sitting at my desk in the Dublin office. It's completely covered in balloons, and I'm being forcefed cake. Apparently it's good for me, cos it's carrot cake.

Nope...I didn't buy it either....still eating it though!

Given that next week will involve many hours in trains and busses, and the picking up of cakes, dresses and suits, I won't be blogging til I get home from honeymoon mark 2. I shall have a full report on yarny goodness from Paris though, so it'll be worth the wait.

Take care everyone!