Monday, October 22, 2007

Lurgy, Jim! Lurgy!!!


The cold I have been fighting off for the last two weeks may have been the flu. It also may have finally beaten my poor immune system in 2 out of 3 games of rock, paper, white blood cell.

Todays post is gonna be short, as I have an appointment with my sofa and a potato that is currently getting a suntan in the oven.

The sponsors of todays post are

I have a conference call with Amsterdam in just over an hour. Once this is done, I shall be retiring to the sofa for the day. I already have my little nest laid out.

The bag on the left with the fuzzy duck-egg blue wonderfulness is Sublime Kid mohair, which I won on Ewe Wish. I'm finally going to cast on Branching out. Go me. Some of the left over yarn will be used with my lurvely Knitpicks Ambrosia to make me some Mrs Beetons.

The bag of minstrels sadly only contains about 5 chocolates, left over from last weeks trip to the cinema. Next bag across contains sock yarn leftovers. (Yes, I bag pretty much everything.)I have most of a ball of Knitpicks Essentials left over from the making of my Volcano socks, which are in the foreground. Haven't sewn in the ends yet, because I can't find my needle case and am not arsed looking in my current condition. My 2.25mm addi's rarely leave the sofa when they're not being used, as my little project basket is at the other side of the armrest.

The blue square is my contribution to the UK Stitch N Bitch blanket that's being put together, and is in my own handpainted.

Exciting day I have lined up, eh?

I'm still going to hit yoga tonight though, as I'll miss it next week anyways.

Right, need to go get a topup for the 'leccy, so that I still have power and therefore, lights. Should possibly brush hair. And get out of pajamas.

...or I could give the little old lady in the shop a reason to use her panic button...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Got up this morning dun dun dun duuun dun
Feeling fiine dun dun dun duuun dun
Not sore after yoga dun dun dun duuun dun
Just ready for work dun dun dun duuun dun
Logged on to gmail dun dun dun duuun dun

It seems that my subscription to Rowan International has worked out at far more than £22 a year.

I've cancelled my card, and the fraud department are looking into things.
I've spent the morning changing passwords and nuking my laptop.

In fairness, I've been online for over 10 years, and I've not had any problems at all. Thankfully I spotted this before the little scrote in question booked flights to Bermuda with paypal.

Let this be a warning - if you don't have AdAware on your computer, get it. Update it and use it at least once a week.

I do feel a little dirty though. Some spotty 16 year old with a hard on for WoW has been rifling through my email and paypal accounts.

May he die screaming with raging syphilis.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sock it to me, baby

As I went rummaging for my camera, I remembered that I didn't update after stitch and bitch last week. We had our most members evah!, which rocked, and I was also on the belini-wagon

The dark green tweedy yarn in the background is Kilcarra donegal tweed, and is being knitted into a cobblestone by Nikki

On the way out the door that night, we were all in a bit of a giggly mood, and the sight of this van outside reduced several of us to hysterics, and required cameras to be whipped out.

Sure, it's childish and all that, but it's still funny on soooo many levels!

Yoga happened on Monday (just to get back to this week) and I woke up the yesterday and rejoiced that I had the foresight to have taken a soak in the bath after class. My hip extensors were not happy.
Class was great though. Nice and slow for a first night, but that didn't mean "not strenuous" by any stretch of the imagination. I'm liking it a lot though. Hazel is quiet and unassuming and can bend herself like a pretzel while the rest of us are working on not falling over in basic standing poses.

Current knitting is sock. Volcano sock.
MY volcano sock. For MY tootsies

I've not been knitting much at all in the last week or so, but I'm hoping to be on to sock two by the weekend.

Which is when we should next have post. I hate when Royal mail goes on strike. It always seems to be perfectly timed with my expecting something knitting-related in the post.

I'm hoping that my kilcarra shade card will have arrived at my parents place by the time I get there on Friday, as I'm eager to order yarn and get Pooks cobblestone started. He's basically getting that, a DS and a couple of books for Christmas. I will not be finishing the damn thing on the train 2 days before Christmas though. Nope.

....I'll be trying to get the ribbing done on a sock so that I can wrap it before the train stops...

Monday, October 08, 2007

The blob

I made a big mistake on Sunday morning. I weighed myself.
There, in 2 inch high letters was the unavoidable reminder that yes, I have been hibernating in a cookie dough flavoured fat blanked since dad was diagnosed at the start of April.

Bad me.

Ashtanga yoga starts tonight, and I'm on the class register.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Brought to you by the letters V, C and M

I love caramel macchiatos.
No, no, no, scratch that.

I fucking love caramel macchiatos. Make mine a venti.

Actually, now that I think about it, I spent last night making mine a venti on a very regular basis.

With rum.

This morning, while amazingly I'm not hungover, I'm dehydrated to the point that I feel like a small furry critter went to sleep in my
mouth last night (technically this morning) and I am lusting after a short stack of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Which you can't actually get
anywhere here.

The food at the restaurant last night was very good, but the service was appauling. When the plates were taken away after our main course, we were offered tea and coffee. We waited nearly 20 minutes for the dessert menu, and when we asked, we were told that we could have the menu, but they needed our table back in ten minutes. In other words, sod off.

So not impressed.

So we went to the pub for a couple of quiet drinks.I didn't realise that it was a late bar til they were kicking us out, and I glanced at the clock.


I got to bed some time around four. Nope, not gonna get much in the way of work done today.

Well, apart from going to investigate the potential for food. I've got caffeine, sugar and dairy covered, so it's totally time to get salt, carbs and more carbs under control.

Have a great weekend everyone. Have a caramel macchiato.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another year older and deeper in debt

...or another year older and deeper in yarn. Probably more accurate.

The Supah Mario socks are fully finished, and modelled while hanging upside down off the sofa. They're just that damn exciting, it seems!

Universal toe-up socks in Opal Hundertwassers

I'm quite chuffed with them. Also with the fact that I made fraternal twins, and am not itching to frog them because the stripes don't line up. The very enthusiastic receiver loves them that he has pledged to wear them as house socks so that he doesn't wear them out. Aww bless.

Considering that mens socks take for-bloody-ever to knit, this may not be a bad plan, at least til I can get around to making him a second pair. I only realised yesterday just how slow they were, when I cast on a sock for myself, and turned the heel while watching BSG last night.

More universal toe-ups, in Knitpicks Essential Volcano Twist

If I keep going at this rate, I might have a pair done in a week! Pretty good, seeing as I've had to sacrifice my daytime knitting to end of month reports and cold fingers.

Today, I'm not feeling any bit more mature. My hair looks like the proverbial haystack, I'm drinking tea from a Nightmare Before Christmas mug, and trying to skive off work. It's just not right for someones birthday to also be the day for submitting end of month reports. Bah and humbug!

Things aren't all bad though.
My mam and dad sent me a card, and I got the new Jamie Oliver cookbook, and some sterling to buy myself a winter coat with. Huzzah! My dad actually managed to hold a pen long enough to make a vaguely "Dad" shaped squiggle on my card...I nearly started crying.

My godmother (I mistyped that as "gothmother" the first time, for some bizarre reason) and my mams best friend gave me some euros, which will be spent on my other obsession, shoes.

This morning was utterly squee-worthy:

I've had the wonderous Nintendo DS for a month, as he couldn't go without giving it to me. I currently have FF3 in it. I shall now be brain trained as well. A birthday isn't a birthday without books and chocolate, which are well represented, and the dvd's of wonderfulness are My Neighbour Totoro (I am obsessed with Studio Ghibli) and the Hammer box set!!! 21 movies in a box!!!!!

I shall now be endlessly entertained on my travels every weekends.

Sensibly, he didn't get me anything yarny. The Knitting and Stitching Show is coming up, after all!

Right, need to go shower and tame the mane, so that I can drip dry before heading to down.