Thursday, February 21, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been a blur of work reporting and wading through the vast, vast amounts of paperwork involved in getting married. Knitting has been abandoned in favour of shouting "what?!?!?" in a confused manner when I'm told of yet another letter that I have to go get from someone in order for someone else to do the ticky box thing on a form.

Invites are all out, and we've had some rsvp's already.
We have caved and now have a wedding list on amazon.

Families are great. Anyone want mine?

The printer has been named, and will be blogged soon, I promise.

Basically, I'm alive, though in desperate need of some blood pressure meds.

Or a frozen margerita.
On a beach.
Served by a hot boy in very little clothing.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Am I broken?

I have come to a strange and sudden conclusion this evening.

What if, instead of my printer being crap, my tech-fu is broken?
Granted, this isn't going to stop me giving the offending piece of tech an offensive name this week...

This evening was spent sticking wedding invitations together, and hand addressing far too many envelopes. Some addresses are stored in text messages in my mobile phone. Naturally, my mobile phone decided to add to my stress levels by being an uncooperative little shite, and denied existance of said text messages. Or the fact that it was a phone.

I've always been Little Miss Static Shock (another reason to stay away from Ack-rylik)but can I really be frying everything around me and be blissfully unaware?

It's amazing the thoughts that fill my head at 2am.....

Oh, and an already outdated photo of the socks for my mother.

I've turned the heel already. Not bad for a couple of hours of knitting!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Knitter, thy name is fickle

Or should that be "flaky".

I spend far more time on Ravelry than is healthy or wise, and yet, having looked at my projects page today, I suck at updating.
There are projects missing any form of photo, projects that haven't even made it up yet, and a bunch of new stash that I bought in NYC that I haven't taken pictures of, never mind entered.

If I'm entirely honest with myself, there is still a suitcase underneath the bed that is not completely vacant of occupants. Oops.

I'm also being a total project whore at the moment. Half way through wisp two, an executive decision was made that I could totally take a break until my blocking wires come through the post, and I get number one in the bath. (That possibly sounds much kinkier than intended. I mean, I love the yarn, I just don't love the yarn)

Seeing as I'm on a mini-vacay from the shawl, weather and common sense should prevail and see me finishing my cardigan.


Instead, this week I've made two pairs of bootees for a friend who is about to have twins, beaten my printer into submission, been driven to the verge of dropping my printer out the window, and started a pair of socks for my mother.

In the middle of this, I'm also trying to find a way to get some stealth knitting in. Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, but I find it hard to get a surprise knitted gift made for someone who I share a house with. The result of this is that I have the pattern for the fabulous and man-approved Irish hiking scarf and two skeins of Lambs Pride in a great charcoal colour sitting in a ziplock under my desk, clearly not being knitted.

While faking a case of food poisoning and locking myself in the bathroom for a few hours seems good, it's cold in there and we only have one bathroom, so it could just end in resentment and frustration for all parties. I still would like to have it done in time for it to be part of his wedding present from me. I may have to resort to carrying around the biggest handbag in the world, so that I can work on the scarf when he's not paying attention, and swiftly swap to a sock or something when he's looking. Seems a little too like hard work though, and I don't want to end up with some strange hybrid after a momentary lapse in concentration.

Today, however, is socktastic.
I will work on updating my photos, and on being a better blogger.

Friday will see the announcement of the "name that printer!" competition, so if you haven't commented, now's your chance.

Take care everyone, and have a great Wednesday.