Monday, October 22, 2007

Lurgy, Jim! Lurgy!!!


The cold I have been fighting off for the last two weeks may have been the flu. It also may have finally beaten my poor immune system in 2 out of 3 games of rock, paper, white blood cell.

Todays post is gonna be short, as I have an appointment with my sofa and a potato that is currently getting a suntan in the oven.

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I have a conference call with Amsterdam in just over an hour. Once this is done, I shall be retiring to the sofa for the day. I already have my little nest laid out.

The bag on the left with the fuzzy duck-egg blue wonderfulness is Sublime Kid mohair, which I won on Ewe Wish. I'm finally going to cast on Branching out. Go me. Some of the left over yarn will be used with my lurvely Knitpicks Ambrosia to make me some Mrs Beetons.

The bag of minstrels sadly only contains about 5 chocolates, left over from last weeks trip to the cinema. Next bag across contains sock yarn leftovers. (Yes, I bag pretty much everything.)I have most of a ball of Knitpicks Essentials left over from the making of my Volcano socks, which are in the foreground. Haven't sewn in the ends yet, because I can't find my needle case and am not arsed looking in my current condition. My 2.25mm addi's rarely leave the sofa when they're not being used, as my little project basket is at the other side of the armrest.

The blue square is my contribution to the UK Stitch N Bitch blanket that's being put together, and is in my own handpainted.

Exciting day I have lined up, eh?

I'm still going to hit yoga tonight though, as I'll miss it next week anyways.

Right, need to go get a topup for the 'leccy, so that I still have power and therefore, lights. Should possibly brush hair. And get out of pajamas.

...or I could give the little old lady in the shop a reason to use her panic button...

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Fairytale Frog said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, get well soon. And I hope yoga doesn't ki you in the process :)

And I love Mrs Beetons! But at this rate it wi be next year before I get to make anything for me! lol