Thursday, December 13, 2007

The black hole of yarn

In the past two weeks, I've been rather quiet. This is directly related to my inability to cast anything off.

I mean, I've been knitting like a woman posessed, but am still not getting anywhere. You know those moments where you measure the length of an item, say, a sock, and you have 4 inches, and then having knit for about an hour, you remeasure, and still have 4 inches. Or 4.1 inches.

That's pretty much my month so far, in a nutshell.
My casting off like crazy mojo only lasted a week.


I'm on sleeve two of the neverending cardigan. Once that's done and sewn on, I've to pick up stitches and add about 6 inches to the cuff as the pattern was horribly wrong.

Having finally decided on my Christmas knitting, I've had to tell the receipients that they won't be done til after I get back from NYC, as the most urgent project at the moment is knitting mittens so that we don't get frostbite as a souvenier.

Main problem with this is I have to start the wedding shawls as soon as I get home. The yarn is waiting for me, and I've decided on a pattern that's fast, effective, and will allow me to hopefully escape second shawl syndrome. It also doesn't take eleventybillion yards of yarn to make. I am not in the market for hundred dollar shawls right now.

Other than that, life marches on.

My dad should be allowed home for 2 days at Christmas, which would rock. My mother reckons we'll clear a 10lb turkey between us in that time, no problem. Even though my dad is on half portions, and I don't really like turkey. I'd swear she was a famine victim in a former life or something...

So, with two weeks to go, has FO panic kicked in for anyone else, or am I the only person throwing in the towel this early in the game?

You never know....I might get more done now that I've surrendered.


Orghlaith said...

Are you kidding? My list is growing longer and my knitting is getting s l o w e r and s l o w e r every day. Soon I will be knitting one stitch a day. Would that qualify as a black hole? Or brain damage? PS: Congratulations on your dad being able to come home for a few days. That is just fantastic!

Milly said...

I totally hear ya! I hate then you knit and knit and knit and you measure and you are only 1 inch further along or worse you have regressed in some black hole of knitting sort of way!

I'm still knitting Christmas presents! Nothing like a deadline to kick my butt into gear!

Fairytale Frog said...

I have not yet surrendered, despite having only one thing finished, 2 on the go and 13 more not started. Oh and I'm adding to it at the moment - yes, I am crazy!

KC said...

don't throw in the towel, although I agree that letting go of self inflicted knitting madness can have a positive effect on ones projects! Love your ident photo on Ravelry. I am adding you to my friends. KC aka Knittin'cacher