Thursday, November 22, 2007

Must reboot brain..

Went to the Christmas market last night. It's fan-fecking-tastic, and so blog worthy, and naturally I forgot my camera. I did manage to bring the case though.

I had roo burger (and my first wheat in a month) and wandered about and got some things for meze tonight. Picked up some fantabulous tea, a pack of which is on its way to the US of A, seeing as I finally finished and posted my tea swap package.

Landlord is on his way to sort out the smoke alarms. Boomer managed to wrangle the upstairs one out of its holder-thingy on the ceiling with some determination, brute force and a sweeping brush. Even when he managed to take the battery out and chuck it down the stairs in frustration, the thing kept beeping. It is now confined to the press under the stairs until said landlord appears.

Sleeve of neverending cardigan is going well, and should be done over the weekend. Huzzah.

Photos will follow.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States. May your trousers have elastic waistbands, and the eggnog flow freely.

Mmmmm nog....

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You Dropped One said...

I forgot about the Koigu but I can bring it next week for you to squee at... its from School Products and was $13 a skein I think.