Friday, April 25, 2008

Old father time

It's himselfs birthday today. Now he's as old as I am!

I do feel a bit crap though. Most of his birthday present was due to arrive in the post today, and it didn't. Fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow, or I'll win worst wife of the year. Actually, that's a lie. Assasins Creed arrived safe and sound, and he's now firmly entrenched on the sofa with that.

Guess that's what I get for marrying a geek. You should have seen him when we picked up our PS3 from the shop. I thought he was going to make amorous advances towards it on the bus home!

In other news, there's a birthday cake in the oven, a fire ready to be lit in the fireplace, and a second sock (huzzah!) on the needles on the bit of the sofa that he hasn't sprawled over. I'm going to get the whole roast dinner going as soon as the cake is done, and then my work is done. Well, apart from the washing up. He gets out of it tonight. Bleurgh.

Tomorrow we're heading to Bangor. Amazingly smaller than its namesake in Maine, but it has a gaming store and a LYS, and that's the important part. I really shouldn't buy any more yarn after my recent oopsie on the Collinette website.

....maybe one skein....

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