Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insert random pun here

The weekend really flew, didn't it?
Husband's (it's still weird to say that) birthday was on Friday, and on Saturday we headed to Bangor, which may be one of the prettiest and nicest villages I've ever been in. There's a huge marina, all very carefully managed, some gorgeous buildings, a village centre that has more than a post office, a petrol pump and a pub, and best of all was that the sun came out!

There really is something to be said for sitting on the prom, eating icecream, on a sunny afternoon.

I should probably come clean now, to save future slip ups as well. Bangor has a yarn shop. If you get the train there, you literally can't miss it, as it's on the left of the station door as you exit, and it's helpfully called The Wool Shop.

I may have squee'd once or twice. I may have chatted away with the lovely owner. I may have come out with a bag containing eco-wool, baby cashmerino, angora and a skein of extra fine merino in the most fantabulous shade of purple ever.

I'll ignore for a moment the fact that I managed to twist the arm of a SnB'er who mentioned that she's destashing, so today I also take posession of some Twilleys Freedom wool......and there's that pesky sock yarn in the post.

Yeah, I'm knitting down my just keeps growing back!

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Sara said...

Oh that is Gas! While you were in Bangor, I was in Belfast for my Hen party, and one of my friends who is from Bangor but lives in Bristol, had flown over to join us. She never mentioned there was a wool shop in Bangor!! probably just as well as we'd have been on the next train out..