Thursday, October 02, 2008

Strange bedfellows

Last night was rather cold, and I was rather exhausted.
So much so that myself and HusBeast retired to bed at 9.30pm with tea and books. I lasted about twenty minutes before falling asleep with my copy of I am America cutting off the circulation to my thumbs.

This morning I got up, and dressed the bed. As I was doing so, I pulled back the extra blanket that we use at night, and out popped a spider.

And when I say spider, I mean SPIDER!
Don't get me wrong, I love the critters, but I didn't expect one to crawl out of the blankets at that hour of the morning. I'm just glad he didn't demand breakfast.

The squeamish may want to scroll down a bit..

The plastic prison is the top off my can of deodorant. It's a good 3 inches across, which means this cheeky fellow classifies as being a big ass spider. He (or she!) is now wading through the jungle that is my back garden, as shortly after this pic was taken, he got chucked out the window.

Due to the exhaustion, I got about 2 lines done on my OSW last night, in between making dinner and putting on washing. That isn't what's burning my conscience though.

You may possibly remember me posting quite a bit about a blue moss stitch cardigan that I was making. You may even have noticed that I stopped blogging about it, but failed to post any pictures of the finished article. The reason, to keep it short and sweet, is that since I took this photo

I haven't progressed another inch.
Not one.

Truth is, and I hate to admit it, it's shoved in a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe.

The pattern is appauling. It's a wrappy round thing, but the collar is gi-fecking-normous if I pull it up. So ginormous that it weighs itself down and causes the whole thing not to hang properly. The sleeve pattern seems to be made for someone who has arms the length of a ten year olds, but as wide as their legs.

The worst bit....after all of makes me look fat.
I know, the stripes go down, so it should be fine. Nope.
It's the cardigan version of a mu-mu.

What does this all mean?

The blue monstrosity is going on holiday.
To the frog pond.

I'm ok with that mostly. I'm so over the whole "this is X days of my life" thing. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm not allowing myself do the maths on it. The tough bit is going to be the physicality of frogging it. The yarn sticks to itself, which is great in a finished item for keeping out the cold, but not so fun when it comes to taking it apart. It's going to take fricking hours.

It will also leave me with - at a conservative guess - somewhere in the region of 1500 metres of yarn.

Any ideas?

I don't want to start breaking it down into lots of small projects, because I'll be finding little balls of it around the place 'til I'm ninety.

I was thinking of the V-neck jumper from Fitted Knits but I worry that the stripes will make me as wide as a truck.

Another possibility is Kate Gilbert's Sunrise Circle Jacket which might look awesome with the colour variations in the yarn.

Or is there something else that would be perfect for this yarn that I'm missing?

I'd kind of like to decide on a pattern before I start frogging, so that I can focus on what the yarn will look like in its new form, instead of how much of a pain in the ass it is being at that moment.

Whatcha think?

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Orghlaith said...

You could go to Ravelry and type in the yarn type. There might be some interesting ideas.

You are very kind to bed-snatching Shelobs. (shiver)