Thursday, November 01, 2007

Episode 56 star alpha

In which my cat looks more whacked-out on catnip than usual (even for a Saturday night)

and my tiny wickle bwain goes pop, and decides that handknitted socks are all that lies between me and hypothermia this winter

Universal toe-up sock in Cherry Tree Hill "greens and blues" supersock. Yes, I have teeny feet

Seriously though, it's pretty cold. Not cold enough for snow, but the wind is coming down from the Arctic every damn day, which makes your outsides want to become your insides for warmth.

This was not made easier by the arrival of an email from a certain long-coveted sock club in my mail box this morning. I now have to decide, by tomorrow, if I'm going to go ahead and sign up, even though it's damn expensive, or hang on to my few pounds for loading up on goodies in New York.

There's also the Knitting and Stitching show this weekend. There's no way I'm coming out of there empty handed either.

Hrm....a conundrum.

Last night was Halloween, or Samhain, or "another hallmark sponsored evening", depending on your outlook on things. I had a lovely, quiet halloween. I went to SnB, cooked proper dinner, drank wine and watched Monster House to the glowing light of a carved pumpkin. We got a few trick or treaters, but I think those started to tail off as soon as we were found out to be a sweets house, and not a pocket change house.

Naturally, I forgot to charge my camera batteries, so have no pictures of the lovely pumpkin. It shall be lit again tonight though, so I'll grab one then.

Dead batteries are also the reason why I have no other photos of my weekend, despite having gone to a convention. Gaelcon rolled around again, and was much fun. I missed it last year, as my back decided that standing, sitting or breathing was not allowed. This is also the first year that I've been to it and not been on either committee or staff. Very strange feeling of "shouldn't I be doing something" occured on more than one occasion.

I was also invited to a bra party in Dublin on Saturday evening, which I'm going to try to get to. It's impossible to get good bras in larger sizes that don't a) look like they were made for nuns b) cost an arm and a leg and c) require a team of dressers to secure them on the wearer.

Hehehe....I'm going to have a yarn bra weekend....

Yes, it seems that I am easily amused.

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belle7171 said...

Bra party? I would totally go to those. How come I only get invited to candle parties?