Thursday, February 07, 2008

Am I broken?

I have come to a strange and sudden conclusion this evening.

What if, instead of my printer being crap, my tech-fu is broken?
Granted, this isn't going to stop me giving the offending piece of tech an offensive name this week...

This evening was spent sticking wedding invitations together, and hand addressing far too many envelopes. Some addresses are stored in text messages in my mobile phone. Naturally, my mobile phone decided to add to my stress levels by being an uncooperative little shite, and denied existance of said text messages. Or the fact that it was a phone.

I've always been Little Miss Static Shock (another reason to stay away from Ack-rylik)but can I really be frying everything around me and be blissfully unaware?

It's amazing the thoughts that fill my head at 2am.....

Oh, and an already outdated photo of the socks for my mother.

I've turned the heel already. Not bad for a couple of hours of knitting!

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