Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Knitter, thy name is fickle

Or should that be "flaky".

I spend far more time on Ravelry than is healthy or wise, and yet, having looked at my projects page today, I suck at updating.
There are projects missing any form of photo, projects that haven't even made it up yet, and a bunch of new stash that I bought in NYC that I haven't taken pictures of, never mind entered.

If I'm entirely honest with myself, there is still a suitcase underneath the bed that is not completely vacant of occupants. Oops.

I'm also being a total project whore at the moment. Half way through wisp two, an executive decision was made that I could totally take a break until my blocking wires come through the post, and I get number one in the bath. (That possibly sounds much kinkier than intended. I mean, I love the yarn, I just don't love the yarn)

Seeing as I'm on a mini-vacay from the shawl, weather and common sense should prevail and see me finishing my cardigan.


Instead, this week I've made two pairs of bootees for a friend who is about to have twins, beaten my printer into submission, been driven to the verge of dropping my printer out the window, and started a pair of socks for my mother.

In the middle of this, I'm also trying to find a way to get some stealth knitting in. Perhaps I am overlooking something obvious, but I find it hard to get a surprise knitted gift made for someone who I share a house with. The result of this is that I have the pattern for the fabulous and man-approved Irish hiking scarf and two skeins of Lambs Pride in a great charcoal colour sitting in a ziplock under my desk, clearly not being knitted.

While faking a case of food poisoning and locking myself in the bathroom for a few hours seems good, it's cold in there and we only have one bathroom, so it could just end in resentment and frustration for all parties. I still would like to have it done in time for it to be part of his wedding present from me. I may have to resort to carrying around the biggest handbag in the world, so that I can work on the scarf when he's not paying attention, and swiftly swap to a sock or something when he's looking. Seems a little too like hard work though, and I don't want to end up with some strange hybrid after a momentary lapse in concentration.

Today, however, is socktastic.
I will work on updating my photos, and on being a better blogger.

Friday will see the announcement of the "name that printer!" competition, so if you haven't commented, now's your chance.

Take care everyone, and have a great Wednesday.

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Orghlaith said...

The Irish Hiking Scarf is darn simple. Really. 5 rows of the same thing and the sixth is the cable. I carried mine all over in a ziplock bag inside my purse. And you can make the cables happen at 8 rows or whatever suits you. Almost mindless knitting. Great for lunch breaks and bus rides.

Perhaps your guy is more attentive, but mine never notices what I am knitting even if it is for him.