Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Busy busy little bee

Am I!

Or am I blatently fibbing because I have no camera?

Nah. Brain far too mushy for that this morning...

After my last post, I made my way to town for SnB(or whatever we're allowed call it this week) and started a new Calorimetry in Sublime extra fine merino, in the best shade of purple evah! I'm helping a fellow SnB'er learn short rows, and thought this would be a good project, so I'm knitting along with her. I've made a couple of them at this stage, so they are a pretty quick knit for me. In the spirit of it being a KAL, and me not being a crappy teacher, I'm holding off at the half way mark, so that I can go through the rest with her tomorrow.

This did, however, leave me half way through an instant gratification project, without the instant, so I cast on another one. Yup. I suck at project monogamy.
It's in Sublime again, and this time in Angora Merino, which occasionally causes me to sneeze while knitting, but the finished article....lets just say I could use some alone time with it!

Caloris don't use up much yarn - another bonus - so I decided to make myself a matching pair of Fetching. Perfect chilly evening wear for those of us who have ever-present cold fingers and ears.

I was vaguely good at the same time though. Each piece was made as a break from fantic sock knitting. Husband's (still getting used to saying that!) stripey socks are finished! They are a few inches short of being knee socks and he loves them. I was less in love with the miles of stitching involved, but I adore the Regia Kaffe Fassett yarn. Fab colours, lovely to knit up, and wonderfully comfortable to wear. What more could you ask for?

My order from Collinette arrived as well. It has been removed from the postage bag, but not from the giant ziplock. I may have licked the ziplock. I'm not letting myself even have a squidge yet though, as I need to get the thumb done on my second fetching and sew in the ends (these five minute finishing jobs are the project-death of me, they really are) and cast on an actually planned project, which I got the yarn for weeks ago.

So, should it be booga bag or clapotis next?
I have a choice of cascade 220 heathers of twilley's freedom for Booga, and the finished bag would be very handy indeedy. Clapotis, however, is waiting to be made in Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Another yarn I need some alone time with.

It has also just occured to me that I seem to be going through a total blue period with my knitting. Does anyone else go through phases like that? Even without noticing it at first?

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Fairytale Frog said...

I am so jealous of your stash and have decided that most of my first pay cheque is going on fancy yarn. Preferably fancy American yarn if I can manage it! lol

As for colour preferences, I'm finding a distinct buying of greens going on. Knitting wise I'm all over the colour spectrum at the moment, but maybe rainbow is a choice ......