Friday, May 23, 2008

Made it to 100

I should probably post something deep and vaguely meaningful for my 100th post, but I'm still shocked that it's Friday, so intellectualism is mostly beyond me.

The most fabulous thing about today is that I'm wearing my volcano socks. This is them in their previous incarnation

These were hideously ill-fitting, but they are my current favourite item of clothing after the overhaul. In fact, I was so bouncy after making myself some perfect socks, that I immediately cast on a new pair.

The yarn is some Knitpicks Memories which I got in a swap last summer - from the same person who sent the volcano sock yarn. The memories is much thicker, or at least feels that way after the skinny Essentials yarn. I've turned the heel already, and am going to work my way up to (hopefully) knee sock height over the weekend.

An executive decision was also made this week. I'm not going to start making mitred squares out of sock yarn. I need to realise that Denial is not just a river, and that in 5 years time I'm just going to have silly amounts of little squares shoved in ziplocks and abandoned in dusty spaces underneath beds.

OH has been on the phone to the Louvre today as well. This is a good thing (tm) as it appears that their email mostly gets delivered to the ninth circle of hell. In order to put in a claim for our camera (wot got nicked there) we need either a photocopy of our report (not too taxing on the brain cells) or an email that says "GaietyGirl reported her camera stolen on this date at this time. Signed, someone who works at the Louvre. (easy peasy).

Hopefully they'll be co-operative, and instead of being forced to post camera phone shots or recycled flickr pics, I might actually be able to give those one or two people who still read some actual yarn porn.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Laura said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

I tagged you for a meme at my blog. =)

Simone said...

Congratulations !

I am moving to Banbridge from South Africa at the end of this month. I love to know where the best places to shop are wool are.