Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The one in which I go "D'oh"!

This morning, I was checking on the shawl which I pinned to the spare bed last night. It's belonging to one of the girls in SnB, and she somehow managed to bribe me into blocking it for her. I think her claim was that she knew how much I wanted to play with my blocking wires again. Hrm.

Anyway, due to me having a well overdue Eureka moment (followed swiftly by the D'oh moment of the title), here we go!

Taaaa daaaaah!

I realise that it's completely crappy quality, but I was so chuffed for figuring out that the usb cable for our new external hard drive looked amazingly like the weird usb connection on my phone....
Well, I couldn't stop there, now could I?

Washcloths. There have been a few of these going around lately.

There's a rather grainy-looking sock that I'm working on...

It's in knitpicks yarn that I got from a fantabulous yarn swap. It's called Volcano - what's not to love?? The socks I knitted with it, for starters. They were the first pair I knitted for myself, and they were beautiful and soft and squishy and made for someone with toes 3 inches longer than mine. So they recently got frogged, and are being reworked in a very satisfactory manner.

What else?

Oh, there's my new babies from Collinette.

My name is GaietyGirl, and I'm a Jitterbugaholic.
Apparently Jitterbug is very similar to BMFA Sock yarn, so you can see where the problem might start.

Finally, just for poots and giggles, my new birkies!

As you can see, I'm far too enthusiastic about inflicting my crappy camera phone pictures on the world. I miss my real camera so fricking much, and the museum where it was yoinked won't answer my many "I just need an email from you for my insurance people" emails. Which means no new camera any time soon. Schniff.

Still, no time to get maudlin.
It's a gorgeously sunny day out, the pile of washing that was threatening to eat my soul is dwindling fast, and this afternoon I get to drink lots of iced-triple-shot- caramel-macchiato-with-extra-drizzle-s with some of my favourite people.

I love summer.

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