Thursday, September 20, 2007

Barter doesn't count, right?

Some of you may remember my incessant whining about the shawl from hell. Some others of you may have guessed that the mystery photos yesterday were of said shawl.

Yup, I blocked the bitch.

It's done and dusted, and I'm delighted that I can now fold it carefully before abandoning it to the back of the wardrobe. Having finally completed it, I don't think I could possibly bear to let my bridesmaid wear it. I'd run the risk of ripping it off her shoulders and stomping it to death while holding a glass of post-ceremony champagne.

The shawl itself is quite nice, really, and I stuck with it til it was done. The chances of me ever wanting to see it again unless I am very, very (very) drunk are slim to non-existant though. That said, I reserve the right to drag it out of its confinement and reblock it before thrusting it on my poor bridesmaid a week before the wedding, if my new plan B doesn't happen.

My plans for the wedding shawls/stoles/wraps have changed again. This too means that I've broken my yarn diet, but only to the tune of USD$20, which ain't so bad. I have ordered some black laceweight, and I plan on having one shawl made out of it by (hopefully!) Halloween. Depending on how long it takes to arrive, of course.

This should really be called "The Disclaimer Post".

Having finally decided that no, I wasn't just going to suck it up and keep battling on with the demon yarn, I was left with 3 balls, bands intact, of yarn that I never want to feel next to my skin again.

...and here's where the magic happened...

Was turned into

Ain't it great?
I brought the yarn to my LYS (who stocks it) and traded it in for sock yarn!
The photo isn't great - I can't seem to get purples to come out purple instead of blue. These will eventually be turned into stripey knee socks. I do love my stripey knee socks!

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate day, and was one of the quieter SnB's that we've had, in terms of volume, as there seemed to be a large amount of poring over piratey charts done. There was still cake though, don't worry.
I managed to get my supersized washcloth done and finished yesterday and all!

Not the most fantabulous thing I've ever cast off, but Mister is delighted with it, and broke into some appreciative yarr-ing.

All in all, this means that since Monday, I've finished 2 projects, and my WIP's are back to three - one of which is the blocking of the scarf of longness.

The next thing that I really need to start working on is Christmas knitting. I need to get a hat and mittens to match my scarf done so that my extremities don't freeze off in New York. Frozen fingers are unable to squidge new yarn. This is not an option. Himself also needs gloves and a new hat for the trip, as he has grown his hair and the hat I made for him last Christmas no longer fits.

Who else? My parents are the obvious ones, as they'll appreciate the goodies. Both got scarves last year, and will probably get socks this year.

I am paranoid that I've left it too late, and will have to start pulling all nighters with lots of tea, tiger balm and season 2 of Rome come November.

...and this week was sounding so productive for a minute...


Fairytale Frog said...

I squidged that yarn yesterday! You lucky, lucky girl .... I wonder if I should compare my stash with their stock and swap for sock yarn lol. I am of course ignoring the masses of sock yarn un-knitted in my stash ....

And don't worry about the Christmas knitting, you'll get it all done. We'll arrange a few SnB overnighters to help us all finish on time! And I still think you should use the unwanted shawl as a present, et voila! a strike off your Christmas list already!

Orghlaith said...

Congratulations on sticking with a project that you hate. The sock yarn is a great reward.

What yarn did you use for your Pirate washcloth?

Christmas knitting is what gets done before Christmas. After that it is Easter knitting. (grin)

You Dropped One said...

is the shawl really that nasty? I think I'm now swayed to bin the blur, lol.

I like Nicky's idea of Snb overnighters... a bit of booze, a bit of Bale (with or without socks and all other clothing types)and the knitting will be done in no time at all!!! Course, i started my knitted lsit in August, lol I jsut keep adding to it!!!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

You think you're late starting CHRISTMAS knitting? G-d A-m-gh-y I hadn't got out of summer state of mind yet. Is it that late? What happened to Hallow-E'en knitting?

I'm late in on this. When's the wedding? NY will be COLD at Christmas if that's when you're going.