Monday, September 24, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

To say that Autumn (or Fall, depending on your geographic location) is here, is an understatement. November weather seems to have arrived overnight, and the rain is falling with renewed vigor today.

The nights are closing in rapidly, and the chances of going out without a coat or umbrella are non-existant, at least for now. No more crawling out of bed on Friday mornings to see the whispers of dawn tinging the sky.
Nope. 6am now looks like this

Soon, all the "cool" hours will get in on the action, and 8am will look like this too.

Friday did get better.

I was most chuffed with myself for having remembered my camera as these babies flew by the office window at lunchtime.

Saturday mornings ungodly wake up call was softened considerably by shopping.

My wedding boots!
The photo has much crapper light than I hoped, but you'll get the idea. The boots currently reside in the wardrobe of my darling mother, to avoid my wearing them in a weak moment.

Sock 2 says hello.

He's much happier now that he has a heel, and is hoping to be done this week, so that he can hang out with his sibling. Not with his ends hanging out either!

Oooh er!


Orghlaith said...

Beautiful Sock! And the boots are fantastic. Must make it that much harder to wait for the big day.

You Dropped One said...

Winter's are evil - its ALWAYS dark, but does give the incentive for plenty of knitting time, lol.

I like the boots although I would kill myself if I wore heels, lol.

Are we going to call the Super Mario Socks Luigi (left) and Wario (right)??