Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wednesday already. How did that happen?

Autumn has officially arrived in these parts, and quite a bit early.

So utterly crap was our summer that the swallows are preparing to hit Africa a fortnight early, and the trees started turning at the end of August. Mother Nature is clearly ready for some serious duvet time.

As is my routine now, I spent the weekend travelling to and from home, and being in a hospital. It's a bit surreal being home.
The daily routine hasn't changed that much from what it was in Cork, but now I get to wake up to the mewing of my cat outside my window at 5am.

He is a cutie though. Rather huge too, being part maine coon and all. He was yet another rescue cat, except we knew from day one that we were keeping him. Or that he was keeping us.

One of the best bits of my weekend?
Opening my bedroom curtains in the morning, and seeing this


Fairytale Frog said...

Can I just say wow! that is a gorgeous view. And a gorgeous kitty too ... although I'm pretty sure he would scrab me to death if he heard me call him anything as cute as 'kitty'. lol

beginnerknitter said...

I love Ireland, I want to go back like EVERY DAY. I'd move there in a heartbeat but unfortunately my husband would only visit he tells me. :(

Sorry you have such unfortunate reasons bringing you to the hospital so much. I've missed your blogging.