Monday, September 17, 2007

Bigger! Faster! Stronger!

I seem to be getting more spam than ever these days, and someone thinks that I need
a) a penpal
b) pirate software
c) all the pills I can swallow.

Oh, and a bigger penis, because I can't satisfy my woman, apparently.

Call me paranoid though, but it seems to me that the spam is getting more specific. The software one for example, got pretty specific about the software recently. Then I remembered that I had been discussing said software in email with a friend. Are the gmail targeted ads (which bug me insanely at the best of times) finally fulfilling their destinies and bringing us targeted spam?

Sorry, but my brain is still wrapped up in my nice warm duvet, and not wanting to be deleting rogue spam that didn't get caught by my filter.

1 comment:

You Dropped One said...

I hate spam email, not that I get too much of it thankfully.

I certainly shall bring IK with me on Wednesday, I only got it for the one pattern, lol and it was the most expensive magazine ever, lol