Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I heart free hotspots

Our broadband/tv provider, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cut off our connection at midnight on Sunday, instead of midnight on Monday, despite having confirmed by phone that this would not happen, and that we were entitled to this as we'd paid til midnight on Monday.

Naturally, then, I was rather surprised when I couldn't log on yesterday. A very expensive call to their "I'd rather be anywhere else" customer service people proved both expensive and futile.

There is a special level of hell for those people. One with lots of pointy sticks. Not the good kind, either.

The good news is that I'm writing this with a most excellent caramel latte at my side, while sitting on a sofa in possibly the best cafe in Belfast. Great coffee, comfy seats, and free wireless broadband. Wonderful place. Twice as wonderful as I didn't need to make "the call" yesterday to let my boss know that her end of month report would be a week late due to my ISP being *censored*

Today is my last work day this week, which is great. I'll get the last of the packing done (why do the "little bits" take longer than all of the rest?) and I'll make it to my last SnB in Belfast. I'ma gonna miss this place, and all of the yarn enablers that fill it.

TOFUtsies sock two got finished in a frantic burst of energy and/or panic last night, and so was added to my June stash burn. Roxxor. Sure, I still have a hell of a lot of yarn, but it's working its way down. My current total is a rather eyebrow raising 48277 yards. I'm just happy that it's below 50,000 for a change! I can also now say that there's nothing in my stash that I wouldn't be happy to knit up into something that I'd either wear myself or give to a handmade-gift-appreciating friend. Quite an achievement, considering the vast swathes of squeaky dead lady acrylic I had only eight weeks ago.

Currently then, I have NO PROJECTS on my needles. Sorry, but I felt that deserved caps. Ok, I have one hibernated project, but I'm ignoring that.

My next 3 projects are ready to go.
Plain socks in Collinette Jitterbug
One skein wonder in Natural dye studio DK
Nagini socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock

Which should I go with? The urge is to cast on all three, of course, but that would be cheating...no?


Orghlaith said...

The Nagini socks look like fun. If you want a vote, that is mine. But if your mind is full of moving.....plain socks. On the other hand.....Okay, so I cannot make up my own mind. How can I make up yours? Please let us know which you choose. And best of luck in the new place.

Sinéad said...

If it were me, I'd go with the good old plain Jitterbug. No thinking required. Sounds perfect for stressful moving knitting!