Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mmmm beer

I'm currently sitting in an internet cafe, surrounded by WarCrack players. It's rather surreal.

I've also got a belly full of lunch, with a pint of Guinness to keep it company. Mmmm..

The move happened. We're still kinda mostly living out of boxes, but we have a fully unpacked and functioning kitchen, and a mostly unpacked and functioning living room. This makes life infinitely more bearable, I tells ya!

I got my Jitterbug socks done and dusted, and they're fab. I love this yarn bigtime. There will be photos when I get my usb cables unpacked and brought into work. We haven't arranged a net connection in the house yet, as it involves many, many phone calls to people who only want to upsell whatever they've been told to upsell that day. Argh, and so on.

A friend of ours, who now happily lives about 5 minutes away, is having a surprise baby shower next weekend. The knitting is in full force, and I'm hoping to have a pixie baby hat finished this evening, so that I can cast on a baby yoda on Monday. I, like the parents-in-waiting have no idea whether it's a male or female bun in the oven, so I'm sticking with shades of green and cream. I love gender neutral colours.

The best bit is that this is all being done in some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I have in my stash! Not that this makes me entirely virtuous, as I managed to completely fall off the yarn and book diet this week. Oops. You'd know I hadn't ordered either books or yarn online in a little while though, as everytime the buzzer goes at work, I stare at the door, waiting for someone to come my direction with a box. I know this is premature, seeing as I only ordered things on Wednesday, but still!

So that's about it, really. Things have been mentally busy, but I don't think anyone needs or wants a blow by blow report of my packing, moving and unpacking. Especially as the last bit isn't really done yet *cough*.

Hope everyone had a good week!

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