Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jeans, Interrupted.

There is nothing quite like having your jeans soaked most of the way to your knees, and having to sit in them all day at work. Bleurgh.

It is once more, a "grand soft day" in Dublin.

You're probably wondering why, having lived in Ireland my entire life, I'm still surprised when summer isn't very...summery. Call it my eternal optimism. We're so close to a bank holiday weekend that I can taste it. I've mentally checked out of work until Tuesday already, and am looking forward to seeing some friends in the pub this evening.

I'm also looking forward to rolling over in bed at 7am tomorrow, and going back to sleep. Nope, tomorrow I shall not be crawling out of bed and hanging around the train station

waiting for a train that could show up 5 minutes before or 20 after it's scheduled time. At some point in the afternoon though, I'll be heading for the city centre, and getting on a train to Galway.

See, not only am I a knitter, but I'm a card-carrying nerd to boot. I go to things like this and this, and engage in this and this too. I'm going to a convention for the weekend, which involves playing dress up, calling people morons but getting away with it cos it's "in character" and having more beverages of an alcoholic nature than is wise or advisable. w00t!

I have booked my ticket for the hangover express on Monday. I'll chat to you after that!


Selana said...

sounds like great plans for the weekend - no interesting cons around where I live

Cheeky Red Head said...

Enjoy your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was never very good at role playing games... I was always just me. Which in reality isn't that interesting.

Anonymous said...

dude! pm me on ravelry if you're going to gencon - i'm not too far away.