Friday, April 20, 2007

I may have a problem

Ahhh eBay.

I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate it because aside from melting my credit card, there's a huge amount of, well, shite on there.
Does anyone really need 15 balls of eye-searing pink polyester eyelash with glittery flecks in it?

....apparently, I do.

Ok, while I've yet to fork out my hard earned cash on 15 balls of eyelash, I have a weakness for those wonderful hanks of really, really nice yarn that pop up on a far too regular basis. Like the Lornas Laces stuff from yesterday.
Or the purple laceweight that I'm currently watching, but have restrained myself from bidding on as of yet.

It's a confusing situation. In real life, I'm all about supporting local, independant businesses, and steering clear of big box stores and those supermarket chains where you can get approved for a mortgage and pay your car loan while buying, I don't know, avocadoes. However, in real life (in Ireland at least) I'm not likely to pick up some amazing hand spun and hand painted yarn anywhere, never mind for the price of a paperback. (Yarn and books..I need some cheaper hobbies)

Mostly I try to balance. This will be easier when I move house, as there's a fab yarn store about 2 minutes walk from my new house *squeee*

So how does everyone else buy? Online? Online from places that have bricks-and-mortar shops as well? Only from yarn shops? Do you count down the days til there's a crafty fair on and load up then?

It's not like my stash isn't big enough already. That's a whole other blog post though!

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