Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beginning at home

Supah Mario sock is coming along well.

It's very odd to be using 2.5mm needles again, after the 8mm pointy sticks stipulated by my last object. (The mohair shawl. Nope, still not blocked.) I am at a fork in the road though. Do I keep knitting, and get to the heel turning today, or do I cast on something else that I can bring to the cinema tonight? MmmmmMattDamon....nope, no chance of heel turning while watching that.

My so-called scarf is ready to be started, but I don't want to bring 35mm straights with me again, having poked myself in the arm so often last time.

Wow...the deep thoughts that fill my day....

At some point in the past, I may have mentioned the Great Destashing. One of my mothers friends knitted for all her grandkids, and as they grew up, she gave up knitting. Or, at least, knitting teeny little cardigans that she would never get to wear herself. The majority was acrylic yarn that came in either baby colours or school-jumper colours, as demonstrated below.

This morning, I had my eureka moment.

In my estimation, I have just over 3kg (or nearly 7lbs) of acrylic that I'm never, ever going to use. As of this morning, I have an empty cardboard box in our spare room/home office, and over the next few months I'm going to fill it with booties, hats and other items to be sent to various charity groups catering for babies/preemies. Just about all of these ask specifically for acrylic and acrylic blends, as they're totally machine washable and dryable.

Considering how fast little things knit up, I have little to no chance of getting bored of a pattern. I get my instant gratification projects, a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and a little head gets something cute to put on it.

Does anyone else do charity knitting? I know things like Afghans for Afghans and the Duulan project were huge in the States, but I wasn't keen on the vast amounts of airmiles that anything I would send would clock up. Anyone have any stories they'd like to tell?


You Dropped One said...

Nicky and I were meant to do charity knitting in Donegal but we always had that many projects on that go that we wanted to get finished...we haven't got round to it yet.

Supah Mario Socks are looking great!

Fairytale Frog said...

Yep, as has been said p there, we were supposed to be charity knitting and I still intend to. I got some patterns from the Oxfam website that are supposed to be for you to knit and donate to the store where they sell it at a good price, you know hand knit design and all that. Also I'd heard about knitting for premature babies for a local hospital, but the group seems to have closed down so I'd ahve to contact the hospital direct I guess.

A friend of my mum's knits jumpers, scarves and hats for charity - i'll check out what she does with those.