Tuesday, August 07, 2007


No posting from me in a couple of days, due to it being a bank holiday for me. The first day off I've had in over 3 months to boot. Naturally, shopping was involved.

No yarn. Ain't I a good blogger?
I'm totally going to Bangor next week though! Hehehe

I got my nails done. Not something I do very often, but I smashed my hand into a door at the weekend and broke a nail at a painful and bleeding place. As I was there to have it glued together, I figured some new red polish would cheer me right up!

We didn't get too rained upon on our walk around Belfast, had a fab lunch at Cafe Vaudeville, which lives entirely up to its name, and I picked up a copy of the Sims 2.Which I then stayed up til 1am playing. I am not a well bunny this morning. I feel like I have a hangover, just without the need to throw up all the time.

Simpsons, wot used to be a yarn shop, and now mostly sells touristy stuff, was investigated for the first time in person. They have a great selection of buttons, some of which I now want to find projects to match. The yarn wall mostly consists of baby acrylic, and having gone for a rummage in the 50 pence bin and discovered dead spiders resting peacefully in several balls, I left yarnless.

The shawl is finally making progress. Score one for me!
I still hate the yarn. This was not lessened by my getting to the end of ball one and discovering that the heart of the thing was, essentially, just a giant tangle.

Through no fault of my own, I might add. I keep my yarn in a bag in my bag, so as to avoid tangles and the embedding of various objects like keys and small children.

Really, I've quite impressed myself though. Instead of hurling it into a drawer while profanity fell loudly from my mouth, I've done the grown-up thing and gone about taking the knots apart. Told you that I wasn't feeling well today.

I can't swear that I wasn't at least a little more determined having discovered that I don't have the correct needles for the project I had hoped to start today. I am no closer to finishing my moss stitch cardigan than I was last week. Still, it's ages til Winter, eh?

The running total of WIP's for me now stands at an all time low of 2.
This can't and won't go on. El Shawlo will possibly be too awkward to bring to SnB tomorrow, so I may just have to cast on something else. A nice quick knit, that uses stash yarn and needles that I have already.

Hrmmmm....time to go rummage through Ravelry, I guess.


sheila said...

We are in the same boat when it comes to wanting to start a new project...only to find out that the right needles are nowhere to be found! I hate it when that happens! You can also count me in on the tangled yarn theory...it happened to me just last week!

Fairytale Frog said...

I hate it when yarn disappoints like that! The RYC yarn i'm using for clapotis has an irritating number of knotted ends in it - grrr!

Oooh new project! You definitely need one if yo only have 2 WIPs. I'm not sure what to bring today ... hmmmmm

Oh and calorimetry is scary addictive woman! Scary addictive!

Julie McC. said...

Knitting is insidious that way, isn't it? There's always a new project just around the corner.

And you have a button shop! Here in Chicago decent buttons are like gold.

Been reading you for a while, and finally thought to stop and say hi.