Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Robots in disguise

Last night we went to Transformers, and it did rock verily.
We even got a little knitting in.

Note to self: in future, when planning to knit at the cinema, break out the addi's and leave the 35cm straight needles at home. Constantly poking myself in the right bicep was less than a barrel of laughs.

The snot nosed teenagers behind us were also less fun then said barrel.
They talked loudly through the whole film, kept swapping seats and playing with mobile phones. OH said a few choice words to them, as did most of our row and the row behind them. Mouthy feckers. They ran out the door in record time as soon as the credits started rolling though! I have their faces branded into my brain, so if I ever see them again, I'll ask for them to be removed before the film even starts.


Calori two is well under way on this wet and miserable Wednesday. I'm just glad I managed to get the duvet cover off the washing line before it started.

Summer? Hello? You seem to have gone and gotten yourself a tad lost on us!
Please come baaaaack! All is forgiven!

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Diane said...

oh how I miss summer ... **sigh*** keep your fingers crossed for a bright and sunny Bank Holiday weekend