Friday, November 02, 2007


Just wanted to say "happy Friday!" to everyone.

That, and show off my lovely pumpkin

I am shameless, I know.

I'm off to the knitting and stitching show tomorrow. Huzzah!
I've brought my shopping bag with the nice thick shoulder straps, so hopefully no dead fingers this time around.

My act of random yoink-age for today is this

one of our squares for the UK Stitch and Bitch blanket.
I don't have a pic of the other one, but will try to harass one of the girlies for some thing.

I'm hopped up on eggnog latte, and raring to go. This weekend will be fully documented, as I've remembered my camera batteries. Go me.

Have a great one everybody, and I'll blog til you're all sick of me next week :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you, too! Hope you have a great time at the show - I'm suitably jealous!

~ Your Secret Tea Swap Pal