Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy feet!

It seems that I've been knitting more than ever over the last few weeks, but nothing has been leaving my needles. It's like the black hole stage of knitting, where you measure something, and it's 7 inches long. Then you knit for what feels like eleventy billion lines, and you still have 7 inches. Or 7.25, to be really annoying.

I seem to have defeated that today.

I haz warm toez nao ^-^


Anonymous said...

Ooh, these look warm and snuggly! Nice job!

Love and stitches,
your crafty tea swap pal

BT said...

I've just found your blog from the countrytalkandtips site. It's very amusing and close to my heart, as I'm a knitter and crafter of all sorts too. Lovely socks!