Monday, November 12, 2007

Real live blogger

Yup, I am one. Just erratic is all.

Last week was turned into an entire week of reportage, and eating chocolate. If anyone is still around to read this, I appreciate it :)

So..what have I been up to? Well, the knitting and stitching show happened for starters.

There were a few cool bits and pieces at it

but mostly it was rather disappointing, to be honest. I think there were six stalls in the whole place selling actual yarn, and one of those was entirely fun fur and ack-rylic. No massive bargains like last year, and the presence of several stands of QVC-wannabes selling irons and lint rollers and mini vacuum cleaners was like nails on a blackboard.

It was great to catch up with the girlies, a few of which allowed me to snap them

It was also great to see lots of groups of young teenagers at the show, though they were balanced out by a huge number of members of the purple rinse brigade sitting at one big stand, with those battery powered massage cushions on full blast. I really should have taken a photo of that, in hindsight.

I did really enjoy the guilds section upstairs, and the actual exhibitions were fab (and didn't allow photography of any sort). I managed to come away with a few goodies, most of which were from two yarn shops that I go to whenever I'm in Dublin and Galway. Considering I was hoping to melt my credit card though, I was a bit bummed. I mean, if you're going to something called the Knitting and Stitching show, you expect to come away with more than two skeins of sock yarn!

Those two skeins were, however, Colinette Jitterbug. Yummo! I also got myself a felting kit from the (surprise surprise!) feltmakers guild, and picked up a crosstitch for £2 (or $4). Rocking.

Books, which I have been lusting after for what seems like an eternity, were also added to the collection.

Time for some lunch I think, and further adventures in walking around the house in a manner that suggests that I have no ankles. Breaking in new boots is less than fun.

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Orghlaith said...

Massage hindsight. Very funny. And no photography at the show? Apparently they don't understand the power of blogs.