Friday, August 08, 2008

Dyeing for the cause

This week has been absolute mayhem! I'm looking forward to a nice, mostly-calm weekend to round it all off.

First off, Galway happened. Due to some technical problems, we ended up on the old orange and black train with the seat springs that sit in your arse. Only one way to handle a situation like that!

Not much knitting got done this week, overall, but I did get to do some dyeing. The first in my new house.

I was rather pleased with the results. It's a custom job for a friend in the States, who loves aquas, teals and blues. The next piccies, while rather blurry, show the colour a bit better.

Hrm....the lighting here is not my friend today. The yarn looks much cooler in real life, and is currently winging its way across the ocean.

Or, being more realistic, is in a bag in a postal depot somewhere in Dublin.

I made it to knit night this week as well. Not to my local SnB, unfortunately, as public transport is conspiring against me, but out to Blackrock. For a change, I didn't buy any yarn! I think I deserve a medal for this, considering that Knit Night is held in a) the coolest yarn shop in Ireland and b) a new shipment of Brown Sheep had just arrived. Having resisted the urge to climb into a giant box of yarn, I felt a reward was in order. Oh don't look at me like that!

If I'm honest, I'm a bit lukewarm about the whole series of SnB books. I think they try a bit too hard to be cool and hip (or whatever buzz word is flavour of the month) and the patterns are a bit blah for me.
This book, however, is pretty much rocking my world. Having had not much more than a flick through, I had it up on the counter and bagged. There are at least 5 projects in it that I plan on making rather soon, and that's before I start bandaging my boobs down.

Who am I kidding? I'll never be able to restrain the "twins", but that doesn't make this book any less cool. I think Debbie Stoller has really cracked it with this one, and has produced a book that contains some good and practical advise (of the sort that we don't want to hear, but need to) and a whole bunch of incredibly wearable patterns. Bravo Miss S. Keep up the good work.

Now all I need to do is find a good hiding spot for it, so that the HusBeast doesn't get any ideas...

To avoid the sock getting jealous, I have to add that I got the heel turned on the train home last night, and look forward to ignoring it for the weekend in favour of getting my baby yoda finished. Just don't tell the sock.

It doesn't deal with rejection.

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