Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Further down the rabbit hole

I love Alice in Wonderland. Absolutely love it. Have multiple copies of the books. Went to New York at New Years, and came home seriously considering opening a franchise of Alices Tea Cup. You'll understand my joy at finding the perfect mug then.

Everyone loves an action shot!

During a lunchtime wander around Avoca, I spotted this sitting on a small shelf on the stairs. There may have been squeeing, and running towards the till. The little tea filter inside was bought as well. It's in the shape of a teapot, which you may be able to make out, and came with a teeny little dish that it fits perfectly. No more dribbling tea all over the desk on the way to the bin for me!

Yesterday continued to be made of win. I got home to find a parcel waiting for me. The fact that I had post (mail) was enough to cheer me up all by itself, as I got soaked to the skin walking the 200 yards from the station to my house. When I opened it....the squeeing could probably be heard in space.

SP12 goodies, and how.
A fab spotty drawstring project bag (no more ziplocks for me!) and a skein of SOCKS THAT ROCK!!!!
While this may be a run of the mill thing for many of you, this is my first skein ever of this yarn. The colours are just perfect, and the urge to stick it straight down my bra was incredible.

It's gonna take every bit of my willpower to finish my current sock and not just abandon it and start winding the beautious yarn into cakes. It will keep me company when HusBeast has me committed for getting "maybe a bit overexcited" about yarn.

So thank you thank you thank you to my SP12 partner. You rock.


BeccaH said...

"...made of win" - love it! Your mug is great and what a great SP package!

BT said...

Fabulous mug, I had one of those little tea holders once. Don't know where it went!

What a great package for you, the yarn looks wonderful.

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a great day all round! That yarn is yummy!