Friday, August 22, 2008

Smells like (post) teen spirit

Yup, another week slips by and work takes over from my ability to get a post done. Sorry!
Still, I have a few goodies for you at least. Or for me, more accurately.

Look what arrived this week!

Yup, it's an amazingly crap photo, but I'm still working off my camera phone as I can't afford to replace my digital camera.

The little bottles contain wonderousness from Blood Drop. This was my first indie perfumer purchase, and I'm over the moon with it. Not only do I smell good enough to eat, Astrid threw in some glorious freebies as well. I can see myself making many, many repeat purchases from her.

The scents, in no particular order, are:
The Zodiac club, Bisou, Devonshire Cottare, Ruffles, Bustles and Corsets, Miou miou. My freebies were Cafe Zazou (which may well be my new favourite scent ever), Merci8 and Cinema Noir. I haven't been able to find the last two scents on the website, so I'm guessing they were discontinued or specials. Merci8 will be used sparingly, as I'll cry when it runs out. I also got a very generous sample size of body cream in Killing Time in Taipei.

Overall, BloodDrop is made of win. Excellent customer service and fantastic scents. You can't go wrong!

If anyone is planning on making a purchase, leave a comment or mention my name in the order - there's a reference program, and the freebies are fantastic!

Yeah....knitting has really been on the back burner of late. I'm still not finished the second Lana Grossa sock. I'm really struggling with it for some reason. I think it's something to do with the texture of the yarn. It's lovely as a piece of fabric, but only ok to knit with. This is a big thing for me, as I'm very much a process knitter.

It might also have some small part to do with the fact that my last socks were Collinette Jitterbug. That stuff is just yum. Now that I have a skein of STR though, I might have to do some scientific-type compare and contrast, in an effort to finally answer the great question of "are they the same thing, basically?".

Just because it's Friday, a couple of interesting shots I managed to take last weekend. First was at the local dog show. It was horrendous weather, and the pooches were trying everything to stay in out of it - with the notable exception of the Newfies, who went around splashing in puddles.

This pup had a great seat:

Warm, dry, comfy, and with a great view of the bitches.

My cat decided to voice his disapproval with our coming home smelling of doggy by adopting a vaguely acrobatic porn star pose. Silly kitty.

Back to work for me then. It's nearly the weekend, it's payday, and the town is exploding with artsy fartsy events. Even the phone exchanges are getting in on the action

Roll on 5.30pm!


BT said...

I love that cat pose! Wonderful. I like the painted box too. Very cheerful.

Cassie said...

Thanks for the link to Blood Drop - as soon as my next real paycheck rolls in, I'm gonna get some yummies for myself!