Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ice, ice baby

The weekend was a very strange thing, involving the purchase of a bookcase, eating far too many brownies, and hiding from the rain of death.

It also involved this

Popping the cherry, so to speak, of my ice cream maker. Such a brilliant wedding present, especially now that we have a freezer!

Never one to do things the simple way, I started with coconut ice cream, which began by looking rather sad

but quickly progressed to

There are no finished photos, unfortunately, as it was devoured in record time. I'll make sure to document the next batch more fully.

The sock travelled with me last night after work

and while it was deemed unsuitable as a candidate (couldn't even be bothered hiding the needles, for a start) was an amiable companion for the duration.
Apart from the karmic bit, the other really cool thing about giving blood in Dublin is that once you're done, you're shunted to the cafe for complimentary tea/coffee/guinness/snackyness and this view

This is O' Connell Bridge - the heart of Dublin. Much prettier to look at than walk over though, due to it being August and therefore tourist-central.

Two other random bits for you today. Firstly, the office oasis is coming on well.

Second.......you can tell me that this was made for banana storage all you want. I still think it looks like a sex toy.


Cheeky Red Head said...

Coconut Ice cream! Nomnomnom!

Anonymous said...

ROFL... I am in complete agreement with you over the "banana storage"...!! :D

BT said...

Hi there, I used to have a tutor who had one of those banana storage things, and I also thought it came from an Ann Summers party! Love your socks.