Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing succeeds like excess

Last night I went back to ballet. The girl I share a desk with at work goes, and roped me in to "trying it out". I had an absolute blast, despite being entirely out of condition as I haven't danced in about 4 years.

So Mondays are no longer for whiskey. They're for ballet and then running like an idiot to catch the train!

Today was a good mail day.

Always a wonderful thing to happen on a Tuesday.

My copy of Interweave knits appears to have arrived as well, but at my neighbours house. When I changed my address with IK, they saved it as number five instead of number fifteen. Oops!

The wonderfully spectacular news of the week, nay, the month, is that I got an email today telling me that I've been one of the lucky people to win a place in the Wollmeise sock club! I'm absolutely over the moon. I've yet to own a skein of Wollmeise, as I always miss the updates (they sell out in seconds).

This has been a fantastic yarn month. I have a skein of Socks That Rock waiting to be cast on at home, my first Get Knitted Lorna's Laces sock club installment is waiting for me in my parents house, and now I get to play with some Wollmeise.

Really, I need to start knitting faster. I've gotten an embarassingly small amount done since I moved house, and if I don't get cracking on it I will end up with a mountain of sock yarn that will last 'til next century.


BT said...

congratulations on winning a place at the Wollmeise sock club. What a great cover on that magazine about the Tudors. Fabulous series.

I love reading about your woolly exploits,


Sinéad said...

mmm Jonahtan Rhys-Myers, STR and Wollmeise, what a great combination!

catmum said...

yes, I feel the urge to get some of my sock UFOs done before the 1st episode of Wollmeise sock club arrives!

aoc gold said...
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