Thursday, May 10, 2007


I quizzed OH about the mythical camera cables yesterday afternoon, and he denied all knowledge. Or gave me the brush off. Technically the same thing. Last night I got home at 11.30pm, and decided to rip apart the box room, just so I could have the pleasure of saying "They're not here so you must have them. Please search" and after about 20 minutes of scrabbling around on the floor, I found them, chucked under the bed.

Now I'm not saying that he hid them for the purpose of making me dump/pack stuff, but lets just say that last time I saw them, they were firmly attached to the usb port at the front of the pc.

So there shall be piccies of a vaguely productive and entertaining nature tomorrow.

Got absolutely zero knitting done in the last 48 hours, due to work being all-consuming (with this ickle break for updating) and going to see The Lives of Others last night. Very good movie, though not really one I'd recommend if you're in the mood for some brain candy. Funnily enough, I've started reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas this morning, as it was next on the stack.

Oh, and I was a bit blonde the other day with my scarf yarn info. It's not Tivoli, it's Wendy Fusion, and the colourway is Allspice. What spices are blue and purple, I don't know, but who am I to argue.
Mine seems to have massive amounts more mustard than anticipated, which was actually zero. The outside of the ball was a dark red and purply-blue. I didn't poke at the inside, which I really should have, because in the course of working my way through the ball I realized that it's mustard. Very, very mustard.
I have learned my lesson. Variagated yarn shall be poked from this point on.

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