Friday, May 11, 2007


Camera cables found, photos transferred, smiles all round.

So, to start, here's the blue scarf of doom that I can now put to rest entirely, having blogged it. It's being modelled by the birthday girl herself.

One down :)

This is the current scarf, for my dad.

It's going to be finished this weekend (it is, dammit!) and blocked next week. The colourway is entirely different to any pictures I've found of it online.That's my foot crammed into the side of the picture. Did I mention that my room is teeny?

Well since I had my camera out, I thought I'd take another couple of pics, to make up for the ongoing drought here.

First off, we have my little yarn tidy.

The blue blob on the left with the needles in it is the cardigan. I'm not going to post pics til it gets to the stage where it's done apart from the arms, because it's knit in one piece and looks silly right now.

Next we have a cone of yarn of mystery yarn in a shade called Lagoon.
It's a nice colour, but not a very nice yarn to knit with. Still, it's yarn. It came to me as part of a large box o' yarn from a destash that my mothers friend was doing.
In front of that is a leftover ball of Kilcarra in Moss, the ball of black is for a craft me-me thing that I should have started months ago.
In the ziploc bag we have 3 balls of Sirdar Blur for starting on as soon as I get done with the current scarf. They will, by the magic of television, be turned into a fabulous lacework wrap for my chief bridesmaid to wear at my wedding.
Underneath that lot is another bag of Blur and a few other bits. I am a one skein ho.

There's more hiding in the wardrobe, and under the bed. And in the wardrobe of my room in my parents house. Oh, and a bunch went to the new house already.

.....and we all know that yarn kept in desk drawers at work doesn't really count, cos we haven't even had a chance to look at (or fondle) properly yet. It's only just out of the mailbag, for heavens sake!

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