Monday, May 21, 2007


It's a two-post Monday, and a photo to boot!

I love how stuff comes in the post just when I'm feeling completely poo.
Here we are:
I'm now the proud owner of a Brother yarn/ball/wool winder.

Ok, so I still have daydreams verging on erotic about Nancy's KnitPicks yarn/ball/wool winder, but at $199, it's a little beyond my budget right now. (A little? Who am I trying to kid??!!)

But wait! There's a plan!

After several months of buying stuff on eBay, I've got good feedback, and decided to milk this by selling a few bits. Nothing terribly interesting - a few books that I have 2 of, some bits and pieces that I was given that will never do anything other than gather dust. I have, today, made my first sale. w00t!
The next plan is to find even more sellable stuff, and sell it, and thereby save enough cash in my paypal account to pay for a knitpicks winder.

But haven't I just received a winder in the post? Surely that will last longer than 10 minutes? Has it even been set up yet?

This is where I get cryptic, and say that it "pertains to future plans and endevours".

Ain't I just a tease?!


Anonymous said...

I love my ball winder, I had it even before I had a swift. :)

BeauNoze said...

Ooh, jealous of the new ball winder! I currently use two dining room chairs. You can imagine how much fun that is.

Amanda1 said...

You're lucky to have the ball winder!

I sell stuff on eBay and Craigslist (do they have that in Ireland?)... I have much better time with Craigslist as I pick the price I want to get and I just arrange to meet the person to exchange. If you have this in Ireland, try it out!