Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well it appears that my darling other half took those useful connect-camera-to-pc cables to Belfast with him when he moved the pc. So I lugged my laptop home for pretty much zero result last night.

I did find a handy pic of the yarn I'm using for the cardigan though, just to inject a little colour in here - ain't I thinky?

It's Twilleys of Stamford. Spirit in Air. Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn to knit with. So much so that 2 of the 4 scarves I knitted as Christmas gifts were made from it. Different colourways, though. Can't have us all in matching knits. Far too Brady Bunch for my liking. The yarn itself is so soft, it feels like clouds. Or how I imagine that clouds would feel, if I were 5 again and hadn't reached that bit in the science book yet.

In other news, my dad is still in hospital. The chest infection is refusing to go without a fight, which is completely killing his recovery time.
Still, we knew our mantra for this month would be "baby steps", and we have to remember that.

Wedding bands have been picked and quoted for, and will be ordered tomorrow.
I must admit to being more than a little excited about that.
They match my engagement ring, which is a bonus, considering I have teeeeny fingers and thought it would be a nightmare to get something that fitted and that we both liked.
Here's my one:

Pretty, no?

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