Thursday, June 21, 2007

Now with 15% more natural or artificial flavouring!

Yes, I promised photos on Monday.
Work demanded attention though, and as much as I may like to believe that I get paid to sit in front of my laptop and knit all day while listening to podcasts, it just ain't so.

On the plus side, I have some piccies. Well, two.
Today is all lovely and sunny, and good photo taking weather. Naturally, my camera batteries have picked this time to run out.

First up, the blue monstrosity.
Like how it's artfully draped over the bannister? I've also just noticed that my laptop case has weaseled into the frame. It's such an attention whore. Still, at least it's not something really embarassing, like...bras left out to dry, or a shrine to Debbie Bliss.

I don't really mean monstrosity though. I think it will be lovely when I get it finished. It's just a bit boring to knit. The wonderfulness of the yarn is all that lies between me and it being an eternal UFO. This afternoon, I'll get the body cast off, and get the first sleeve on the needles. Or that's the plan.

The really exciting bit o' news is that I went to my first Belfast Stitch N Bitch session last night. Much fun was had, and despite the girls *coughNikkicough* thinking that they've scared me off, I'm really looking forward to next week.
I didn't bring my camera, in an attempt to keep from looking like some crazy woman with an obsession. The purring noises when Collinette was mentioned may have killed that. Oops.

Sock 1 got quite an outing yesterday! My fingers are still cramping. I knitted on the bus to town, in Starbucks, while waiting for the bus home, on the bus home, and managed to have 3 glasses of wine while watching a movie til 1am and still knit away without any frogging being required this morning. Well, I thought it was impressive!

As a result, today we have artsy shot 2 of the day:

Taaa daaaaa!
My first magic loop sock. Complete with yarn tails hanging out, and with a severe need for blocking. It's a plain vanilla sock, but it's a pattern guaranteed to be acceptable to everyone, especially manly men who shy away from colours, stitch patterns or yarns that might possibly mean that they'd be taken for being anything less than manly men.

Addi turbos are wonderful things. I never really got the hype until I finally tried them for myself. I love them so much that I have 2 more sets on order - which I should have tomorrow. Squeee!

Things from to do list done:
One sock.

Things from to do list to cast on this weekend:
Second sock *gulp*
First cardigan sleeve.
Baby shrug.

Yeah, this whole thing of having one handbag project and one sofa project really isn't working out too well for me.


You Dropped One said...

A sock! Hooray!! I'd love to be able to say that I've one sock done,but alas, I just look at my sock yarn and sigh, lol.

You'll be taking lots of pics of the SnB while I'm away then, lol? I do need someone to blind everyone with a flash while I'm gone, it'll stop them missing me too much, lol :D

Fairytale Frog said...

I like the arty sock photo, although isn't it funny how colours can come out so differently? Apparently we all need a lightbox or something ... I don't know ....

Awww you don't think we're mad psychopathic stalkers. That's so sweet :)

Fairytale Frog said...

i'm a comment whore

well in that case, have some more! I am so tempted by big box of balls. How can you turn down something like that? lol

Also I'm on the search for the best offer on Addi's. Secret Knitting Swap Pal wants them and now I do too! Especially the new lace ones for this mad stole that starts next week. Where did you get yours?

Cass said...

Great color sock!

And HEY- what's wrong with being obsessed? Not that I am, but if I were, there's no shame in that! Revel in your obsessedness. ;)