Monday, June 04, 2007

Those long lazy days of "what do I do now"?

The house is very quiet today. It's a bank holiday in Ireland, but not the U.K. so I have the day off while the boys have to work. Sucks to be them, I guess. Except that I'm having a can't keep still day.

The plan was to catch up on some of the massive amounts of sleep that I've been missing...I lasted til 9am before I got up out of boredom. I proceeded to clean most of the house, put on multiple loads of laundry and do some shopping.

I resisted the lure of Jeans, though it called to me. Multiple times, as I kept forgetting things and had to walk past it about 5 times.

So aside from checking out the shops, and pottering about, I've been doing some knitting. What a shocker!
The cardigan is being slightly ignored today. I've only got one front piece and sleeves to do, so I reckon I deserve a slight distraction, especially as Fathers Day is looming.
So over the weekend, I started on this

My first sock :)
Actually, first sock mark 2. I had progressed to this point already and had to frog back to the start. Why? Because knitting when sleepy is stupid, and stitches always run in huge and messy ways when I don't have a crochet hook, needle, toothpick or hair pin that I can rescue the situation with. Still, now that I've got the knack of magic loop knitting, there will be socks for everyone for birthdays, anniversaries, name it! This also ties in nicely with the justification of yarn purchases if it's for making gifts. Wonderful!

The shawl has been left in Dublin, because I'm a genius....
I did manage to snap a picture though, so I don't feel quite so bad. Hey, blogging the wrap is the same as knitting it, right?

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Amanda1 said...

At least you got a lot done, wow!

How are you liking your new place? Do you have access to some good yarn shops?