Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ups and downs

Todays ups:
Got an email this morning inviting me to (my username is GaietyGirl, btw)
Work is quiet, so am managing to take and upload stash piccies.
The sun is sunshining.

Todays downs:
Beginning the process of suing OH's boss for unfair dismissal.
Can't say much atm, but basically we got back from the cinema last night to find a letter had been hand delivered, telling him not to come back to work.
This morning when OH went to work to collect his stuff, housemate was told that he was fired as well.

Thankfully evil boss seems to have written his staff contracts while in a drunken haze and not actually read them since. Sucks to be him right now hehe

OH starts jobhunting tomorrow. We can't afford to move again so soon, so crappy temp job for him it is. The thing keeping us sane on this is that we both actually like Belfast, our house, and I can still go to SnB meetings.

Gotta keep focussing on those silver linings.


Fairytale Frog said...

That's awful, so soon after the move for that to happen. But I'm glad to hear that you like it round here and so (for the time being) will be sticking around - because we like you too! :)

I hope that he can get something soon and that you get somewhere with the unfair dismissal proceedings. What does he do? On the off chance that I may hear of work for him.

Fairytale Frog said...

I will surely bring the colour card next week. It is pretty and sure to inspire a mad splurge on yarn. Ah the joys of stash enrichment ... I have enough ... but I want more .. no, wait .... I need more!