Thursday, June 28, 2007

Onwards and stashwards

Last night was my second stitch n bitch, and as Nikki is in Florida, I was the designated photographer.

My invite arrived yesterday, and I'm already bordering on obsessive about the site. It's fantastic. It's even encouraging me to knit faster and turn my WIPS into FO's.

So today, I worked. Emails were answered, databases were updated, podcasts were listened to.

Knitting was done.

I finally cast off the body of the moss stitch cardigan. I'm very proud of me, both for sticking with it and for not being suffocated under layers of yarn while knitting it.
Fine, sure, hanging like that it looks like a waistcoat for a rather short and wide person. It's actually a cowl-type neck when it's done up - those bits are hanging down in the manner of Hugh Hefner's dressing gown at the moment. I bought some of those long Clover pins for holding things together during finishing, but they seem to have been stolen by brownies overnight.


Sunday will see an email hitting my inbox with details of my spoilee on the "Having a bad day" swap. I can't wait. It's knitty-shopping without the guilt :)


Orghlaith said...

Good photos. Your new knitting gang looks like a great one. Lots of smiles. Please show pictures of your swap loot. I love those.

Cass said...

How fun! You're a great photographer- I love your pics!