Friday, June 15, 2007

Work in progress

Well this week vanished on me entirely.

Yes, I've been quiet, but I've been knitting up a frenzy. I'm nearly at the ribbing on my first sock! It's been going so well! I used Knitty's universal toe up sock pattern on the magic loop. I no longer have to hide my sock yarn stash :)

I also got a hat knitted for OH's new niece in that lovely green cashmerino. OH was very impressed that I cast it on while watching tv after dinner, and had it done by the time he got home from work the next day. He's also volunteered to fund the buying of more cashmerino if I make bootees and a cardigan to go with it. Score one for me!

Yes, I realise that this means my projects for myself are getting further and further down the queue, while those around me are looking more stylish (ha ha!) by the minute.

So, what is the queue?

On the needles:
Moss stitch cardigan - 5 more rows, then on to the sleeves!
Lace wrap - mohair and lace. Concentration required. Can't do while people keep interrupting to ask for dinner/keys/other shoe/whatever.
Sock - Opal yarn, toe up. Photos on Monday :)

To do:
Second lace wrap - have yarn
Bootees and cardigan for niece - to match hat.
Socks for OH )
Socks for wedding for OH and 2 best men.
Socks for mother - can't make socks for everyone else and leave her out
Purple and black stripey scarf for S
Hat of some description for D
Cable baker boy cap for other S
Scarf - that Sublime mohair that recently came home with me shall be Branching Out
Scarf - Blossom scarf from that Velvet yarn
Summer mohair sweater thing from Stitch N Bitch - which won't be ready til next summer

The 3 items for friends were supposed to be done for Christmas, but keep getting bumped down the list. In fairness, I've bumped my own stuff down even further - the last 3 on the list. I think I've knitted myself one thing in the last year, a scarf, which I may need to sacrifice and frog if I run out of yarn before I'm done with my cardigan.

No one else is allowed have a baby or get married in the next 4 months.


Nikki said...

Hello! I thought I'd drop in and leave you a nice comment to help you procrastinate tomorrow while you're meant to be working, lol.

I enjoyed meeting you and am a bit sad at the fact that I won't be at the next 2 SnB's so I won't know if we've scared you off completely, or if you'll brave the madness and make a return, lol

Fairytale Frog said...

I've heard so much about branching out that I really must give it a go. But I got so frustrated with this scarf pattern that I haven't tried anything that requires that much concentration and counting since!

And yarn before electricity sounds like the right set of priorities to me!

Now where's this opal sock picture?