Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A stitch in time...something something...

It seems that Ruth, one of the SnB group, hates seaming almost as much as I do. I don't feel so bad that it has taken about 10 times the number of hours spent knitting to seam up the baby shrug. In fairness, most of those were spent procrastinating.

It is rather cute though. Especially when I get it ready for posting with the hat and booties.

Well I'm rather chuffed anyway. It's the first lot of baby clothes I've ever knitted. Darling mother keeps making comments about it being "good practice" for the future.

So as a reward to myself for getting the seaming well under way, I allowed myself to cast on a Calorimetry. I finished seaming yesterday, and sewed the button on to the calori. I think it balances out. I think future projects involving seaming should be partnered with some form of instant gratification project. Or another calori.

I spotted the button in my fab LYS before I cast off. It's made from coconut shell, and it rocks my socks. I love ivy and vines. My advise to anyone who hasn't started a calori yet and is thinking of it - don't buy your buttons til you've cast off. You don't make any buttonholes in the calori, as the holes from turning the short rows suffices. This is quite a large button and I really thought that it wasn't going to work in the end.

Plus, it's an excuse to go to your LYS with an FO, and pick up something shiny for your next project while you're there!

My "bad day swap" package is in the post. Yay.
Postage really is mentally expensive. Still, it's worth it, and I hope my swap partner likes the goodies that eventually wing her way.

Other news today, it being one of those days...the wedding is being postponed til the Spring. We thought that we'd get away with it being this year, but I'd rather have my dad be less rushed and better able for it. I'd have liked December, but it would put too much pressure on people both in terms of time and finance. We have lots of friends who are still studying, and it's exam time for them.

This makes me feel much better about having frogged incarnation 3 of the wedding wraps.

Yes, I am a bad, bad person.

I just fricking hate this yarn. It feels nice, but is a nightmare to knit with. I was almost tempted to substitute the lurid pink baby acrylic, but thought that might be noticed. Also, 10mm needles? Rather heavy when you've been knitting with them a while. They do double as nunchucks though, which is handy when you're wip'ing on the bus in a bad neighbourhood.

OH is downstairs hoovering and sorting laundry. Bless.
He is still sans emploi, as they say. The case of the butthead boss is getting more interesting by the day. Can't say much, just in case, but we are looking forward to his next letter to see how many times he contradicts his previous letters in it.
At least he knows where the washing machine is, and no longer whinges when I tell him that he has to clean up if I cook and work all day.

It's amazing how fast he can run through a whole list of chores when he knows a trip to see Transformers is on the cards this evening!


Cass said...

ROFL You had me laughing today! I've yet to make a cal.try, but it's on My List. Sorry you had to put the wedding further away, but in the end you'll be happy either way. :)

Fairytale Frog said...

Ah the baby stuff is gorgeous :) i was just looking at my baby sweater today which needs a button (I'm thinking your new stash items idea may have to come into play there!) and still has no owner ... some day, some day!

Sorry to hear about the wedding, but it will still be beautiful and amazing and much more relaxed this way, right?

Oh and ia llow yo to laugh here because it is quite absurd, but I say it anyway in case it has some merit. The OH is without work, 'the wool shop' in Glengormley requires someone to work Thu, Fri and Sat. They have a sign up and when we tried to go on Saturday they were shut, so I'm pretty sure they want someone to start yesterday as it were. Now I know it's not ideal, but it's something coming in and if you were to give him a crash course in yarn I'm sure he could have a stab at it. Also I know it isn't on your doorstep but the wonders of the metro bus service and a 2.50 ticket (after 10 or 3.50 before) would get him there and home everyday. So yes, mad idea but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway just in case ... plus if I could, I'd work there ... it's not a great store yet, but I'd fair turn it around ... plus it's quite quiet so yo get to knit lots! lol