Monday, July 09, 2007

Dear Office cleaning lady,

We spend a large amount of money on renting this office space every month. We also spend a chunk to allow us to have your services.

On several occasions, a member of staff has arrived in early to see you sitting in our conference room, drinking our coffee and enjoying our view. Given that you're the only one who drinks instant coffee and we had an industrial tin that's now empty, I'm guessing this is a pretty regular thing.

In exchange for our providing you with free beverages and not enough work to fill 2 hours a week, could you please please please put a new bottle of handwash in each of the bathrooms when the current bottle is empty. The current tactic of filling the empty one up with water because there's 1/10th of a teaspoon left in the bottle is not amusing. Not only does the bottle then squirt water all over the place, it doesn't actually, you know, work as handwash.

Many thanks,
4th floor employee with watered down handwash stains on her non-black tshirt.

In other news, I may have slipped while browsing ebay and bought some sock yarn.
I'm not obsessed. I can quit any time!

...I just don't wanna.


Fairytale Frog said...

I am the queen of t-shirt stains (drinks, food, handwash, polishing liquid) so I sympathise greatly.

Also I'm dying to know what sock yarn you bought .. I am easily swayed and am drooling over quite a few sock patterns at present ....

Sara said...

Oh that is so funny!! Maybe you should replace her coffee with bovril or something, see if she says anything