Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well I brought my camera this week, but I also brought the dead batteries instead of, you know, the ones I put on to charge especially.

I am teh blonde.

Last night I started turning the heel on my second teal sock. I realised after about 10 rows that I'd had a brainstorm and ignored the "and turn" part of w&t. Frogging and swearing ensued. Lots of swearing. Picking up 2mm stitches in dark yarn is not my idea of a fun Monday night.

On the plus side, cos there has to be one, I managed to get the ripped section reknitted on the bus journey this morning, instead of dozing off and jumping to attention as I almost miss my stop.
The plan now is to knit like a woman possessed, and get sock 2 done on Thursday, so that I can cast on sock one of pair 2 on Thursday evening at Knit Night.

Anyone think that I'll actually manage it without pulling out my hair or trying to strangle myself with my addis?

So no piccies again today.

I've spent a chunk of today at work (sssh!) updating my Ravelry page. It is a wonderously fabulous site, with a wonderously fabulous queue for membership. So totally worth the wait though. I have friends on it now as well, so I don't feel so lonely.
Conclusion: if you're not already on the list, sign up. Go on, clicky linky. There's no time like the present.

I've signed up for a bloglines account recently as well. I read rather a huge amount of blogs on a regular basis. Blogging is considered a valid use of the net connection here for some bizarre reason that I won't question. Anyway, bloglines is wonderful for dealing with those times when you realise that you have eleventybillion blogs bookmarked, and that you're signing up with all the blog sites in an attempt to keep up with them. Instead of that, sign up for bloglines. It takes five minutes, and you're left with a page that shows you all recent entries for your chosen reading material. Faaaaaabulous.

My username on both Ravelry and Bloglines is, surprise surprise, GaietyGirl.
Feel free to friend me :)


Guinifer said...

Hey! I "friended" you this morning, then I had to come check out your blog! I really liked your little baby hat on Ravelry.

Fairytale Frog said...

Oh I love you! Bloglines saves me pressing lots of links in the vain hope that someone has updated!

And yes I have two unopened balls of colour 506 the dye lot is something like 4473 but don't quote me on that lol so you want them?

Fairytale Frog said...

Oh sock yarn all the way baby! How could it be anything else?!