Friday, July 13, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head...and everywhere else

Another weekend rolls in, and it rains.

There's a saying in Dublin - if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

Yesterday rained on and off, but the afternoon was warm and sunny, and I nearly passed out on the bus it was so hot and uncomfortable.

Today, it's mostly raining. I suspect that my jeans will dry out in just enough time for me to walk to the train.

So, what have I been up to this week?
I was measured for my wedding dress on Tuesday, which involved several large chai lattes, a warm goats cheese salad and some berry crumble. Cos, ya know, having that much stuff in my stomach was going to help when it came to calculating those inches.

My dress is being made by my friend Debbie. Debbie works a normal job during the day, and is the most amazing corsetiere ever in her spare time. She's hoping that her obsession with costume and corsets will allow her to turn her sideline business into a full time affair. I really hope this happens for her, and that's not entirely because I've negotiated a deal where if I get to go to the Oscars someday, I'll wear one of her creations.

The knitting has suffered slightly this week, due in no small part to my general feeling of dispondancy. The heel of sock 2 must be ripped again, as having gotten over the first frogging experience, I completed the heel to discover that it in no way, shape or form matched the other sock. My first sock mojo was pretty amazing. I seem to have lost it down behind the sofa or something though.

I'll get baby hat 2 finished on the train this weekend, and hat 1 sewn up on Sunday night, now that I've been reunited with my little tin o' bits. I really missed that tin. So much so that I may reward it by taking up decoupage again.

On Monday I'll get another chunk of the baby shrug done. This time reading the pattern the right way around, and not making mutant arms for some Cthulhu-baby like last time. I want to be able to bring something other than a teal sock to stitch and bitch as well. I fear boring people.

By the end of the week, then, I should have quite a few things done, which means that I can move on and start another project. I have an ever-expanding queue on Ravelry. Being able to search patterns by yarn weight is fan-fecking-tastic, as I can find patterns that use some of those too good to resist eBay bargains that have no purpose other than looking pretty right now.

Not that looking pretty isn't a perfectly valid reason for owning yarn/lifestyle choice.

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