Thursday, July 05, 2007

Precision planning.

Tomorrow, I make my weekly trek to Cork to spend the weekend. Sunday I'll be back to Dublin, where I'll be staying for a week. Partly this is so that I can get some archiving and stuff done at work, and partly because I have to be measured for my wedding dress.

I'm dreading it. I've been comfort eating bigtime since dad was diagnosed, and the few pounds I've lost have all come back with a vengence. The joy of a corset though - even if I don't manage to get down to my proper weight again, I'll have the possibility of being sucked in by a couple of inches. Though at that point, my cleavage may have to be registered as a WMD.

This evening I have to pack. Usually I just bring my laptop rucksack with my work stuff, and my rather large handbag with everything else. Not this time.
With a week of knitting to plan, what should I bring?

It's not like I don't have enough projects to work on. There's the baby shrug, but I can't bring that as mother or MIL will make those "oh dear" noises that translate as "would it not be easier to buy one at this stage?".

There's no way in hell I'm bringing the black mohair stole on public transport. One bump in the wrong direction, and I'll be needing valium with my overpriced and underbrewed train-tea. As I type, it's staring at me from its perch on top of some folded laundry.

The taunting!!!! I just can't take it anymore!!!!!


This is always the option of the second teal sock. It's a couple of inches off the heel-turning stage, and I could really use the time on it. I don't have second sock syndrome or anything, it's just that I have 2 skeins of Shepherd Sock which I am dying to cast on. So far I'm being strong though.

Option 3 is to take this along this

Those of you who read on a regular basis (ha! I have subscribers now! wahoo!) will possibly recognise the yarn in question. This square is none other than Sleevie One from the neverending moss stitch cardigan. I'm reckoning I could easily get sleeve one finished by tomorrow evening. Then I'd most likely run out of yarn...

Which brings me to option 4, baby hat/bannister warmer number two. This one in a shade that actually matches the now frogged (sob!) baby shrug. Again, it's something that I could have finished over the weekend, once I don't just snore my way through 6 hours of train time.

Do you want to know the really funny thing? I'm so busy trying to decide what/which project(s) to bring and leave, that I missed the fact that I was outbid on a skein of Opal sock yarn in a colourway I've been lusting after for a year.
I'll have plenty of yarn next week, but not enough clean socks - I'm down to 3 pairs - as the weather has been wet, I don't have a drier, and there are only so many surfaces in a house that laundry can be safely hung on.

Maybe I could justify casting on with the shepherd sock if I got them done in less than a week....hrm....

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Fairytale Frog said...

I vote for Shepherd Sock socks as you need socks - perfect reasoning!

also I must check if I have a ball of that spirit freedom stuff, 506 right?