Monday, July 23, 2007

I must not knit while sleepy

This really should be my mantra at this stage. Too, too often I continue knitting when I really should be getting sleep or doing something that doesn't involve moving, thinking or counting.

This little bundle of cuteness is the first of a pair of booties that I cast on last week. It's a simple, fast knit, and I love it.

I thought I'd be clever and get the second one done on the train to Cork. That was my first mistake. Sure, I have a pair of cute bootees now, but one is newborn-sized, and the other is baby-sized. Once more teh blonde strikes. At the moment, I'm ignoring my inbox and knitting up bootee number 3. After that, I'll have to do bootie number 4. No idea who I will give the second pair to, but I guess they'll always come in handy, what with everyone in the world having babies and all.

It was my mothers birthday on Friday, so present was bought on behalf of myself and dad, and cake was baked on Thursday night. She cried. Bless her cotton socks.
(Note to self: get off the pot and cast on her socks!)

I finished the ribbing on the shrug, and have it all pinned together, and have started the seaming. I fricking hate seaming.

It will probably take me the rest of the week to get it done, as I can only sit still to do a few inches at a time. Anything more, and I start getting that strange restless sensation in my legs that normally only comes after 3 hours in a train with my legs jammed up against someones suitcase.

Tonight, though, will be bootie city.
Hrm...that sounded less sordid in my head....

I want to cast on a Calorimetry tomorrow night, and get it finished on Wednesday. I even have a button for it, and it's going to be made from my nice Purple Iris yarn that just arrived.

Ain't I a good little stashbuster?


sheila said...

I am the same way...I can't knit if I am the least bit distracted or else I will ruin everything! I also agree with you about the seaming...I can't stand it! Good luck with it though...hope it all turns out ok!

Fairytale Frog said...

I'm not sure if it just arrived you can call it stashbusting, but I'll let you have your moment of satisfaction lol

I've been fancying a calorimetry but I have so many projects on the go, it is destined to sit on my blog sidebar for a while longer ...

You Dropped One said...

I love the shrug, and the boot. I wnat to make a pair that are looking like that.

I'm in the throes of stashbusting, not that I've gotten very far, lol. Just a themed project, a baby cardigan on the go and lots of ideas lined up, lol.

Course I have ebay yarns on the way to add to the collection so I might as well just not have bothered destashing anyway, lol.

beginnerknitter said...

I'm working on the baby shrug too. How did you handle the part where it appears they want you to just knit on the left side of the jacket? I dont' see where i get back to the other side as well.. should i just have faith in the pattern? I've got a posting about it and would appreciate any help.

beginnerknitter said...

Thanks so much!