Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yellow fingers and not a cigarette in sight.

I was a busy little bee yesterday. Not only did I get my bake on for the first time in this house.....

(Yes, half got eaten by the time I got my camera out. It's sundried tomato and parmesan bread)

but I also got my first ball of Lime N Violet finished!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I got the first sleeve for the moss stitch cardigan cast on, and cast off the baby shrug...though I'll confess, I'm having problems working out what bit fits where for sewing up purposes. I'm guessing that if I join the ribbing edges properly, then the other seams will make themselves known to me. Either that, or this may be the most kimono-style shrug in history.

I love knitting, I just suck at finishing. Not suck, ok. I get bored with finishing. When I cast off, I want to be able to wash, block and wear an item, not spend a week going blind doing kitchener with black laceweight or something similar.

Those small, instant gratification projects? Love them. The world needs more instant gratification projects that are both lovely to look at and still functional. The world does not need another toilet roll cover in pink and white acrylic with a pound shop (or dollar store) Barbie knock-off perched precariously in the middle.

Really, I think I want those elves from the Elves and the Shoemaker to invade my house at night, turning my CO items into wonderful FO's. I'll even do the blocking myself.


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Fairytale Frog said...

Well now we know why the seaming was so difficult *eek* good luck finishing that in time :)

And I'm waiting for that Etsy shop ... I am poised to buy my first ever hand-dyed!